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Mark Clark: "Forget ‘Getting to Yes' Practices of Transformative Dialogue"

Summary: Mark Clark, CEO of global peace-building organisation Generations For Peace, shares the Premises, Principles and Practices of a new way of communicating, called transformative dialogue. It’s an approach that values autonomy and relatedness to support pro-social conflict interactions. Mark argues that there are times when we should forget “Getting to Yes”; and that whilst facilitating transformative dialogue is not easy, nor is it some magic bullet, it offers an important possibility for improving conflict interactions in our relationships, organisations and communities, and offers a valuable additional option for coaching and consulting practice.

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Activism by Mike Staresinic

'Activism' was published by Mike Staresinic in January 2011.

On every continent, citizens brave jail and torture to win basic rights, provoke breakthrough, and achieve dignity. ACTIVISM answers the question, How does change operate? by capturing the wisdom of movements that break through.

A decade in the making, with contributions from principled nonviolent movements around the world, ACTIVISM is for those who can't let go of the dream of freedom.

ACTIVISM is a practical guide to toppling authoritarian regimes, using Gandhian principles of non-violent resistance.

Many of the methods outlined in the book were successfully used by protesters in the Maldives' recent struggle for democracy. ACTIVISM is indispensable reading for pro-democracy campaigners everywhere.

President Mohamed Nasheed, the Maldives.

President Nasheed, a former political prisoner turned President, is the first democratically elected president of the Maldives following three decades of dictatorship. Maldivians used Gandhian methods to defeat government violence. --Personal Correspondence.

Mike is a leader in international affairs, democratic governance, and organizational development. He helps those advancing change in rapidly changing countries worldwide. Mike studied at Penn State, HEC Paris, Oxford (UK), and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. He has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Masters of Science in Consulting and Coaching for Change.

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Esmeralda Hemels: "Developing Leadership Teams - Where the Magic Happens"

Summary: For Leadership Teams that want to thrive in today’s complex world, team members’ intention should be to ‘complete rather than compete’ each other. Esmeralda presents the 5 steps approach she developed based on her work with Leadership Teams over many years combined with contemporary leadership and change frameworks and field research. The 5 steps provide an approach to reach the depth needed for sustainable development of effective Leadership Teams. The paradoxical nature of some steps seems to be crucial elements for success.

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Dennis Vergne: "Stop Trying to get Buy-in"

Summary: Get more work done by reducing consultation and increasing participation in decisions

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Lisa Francis-Jennings: "The Subtle Perspectives of Resistance"

Summary: How many Organizational Change Projects fail because the project team does not connect with, or understand their audience? Lisa Francis-Jennings uses a composite story-telling technique to illustrate cultural disconnect and engagement failure. This disconnect, she posits, is the root of much Project failure. She encourages Change Agents to ask themselves three simple questions, that set perspective and that guide the OCM project team to focus on their audience and the ‘user experience’ of Change.