Shekhar Pula: “Protecting ecosystems by stopping Ecocide”

Summary: Shekhar Pula presented the work of Stop Ecocide Foundation. Their mission is to bring about a legal duty of…

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Kit Lykketoft: Wonderful Copenhagen and Sustainability

Summary: Kit Lykketoft shared with us the sustainability aspects of tourism in Copenhagen. The city is using a…

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The Change Leaders mark clark video still

Mark Clark: “Forget ‘Getting to Yes’ Practices of Transformative Dialogue”

Summary: Mark Clark, CEO of global peace-building organisation Generations For Peace, shares the Premises, Principles…

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Jacob Mayne: Is CSR Changing Business?

Summary: Jacob presented a unique new study that analysed the opinions of 130 senior and middle managers working for…

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Rowan Gillies: Sounds and Silences of Leading Sustainable Change

Summary: Rowan Gillies made us aware of the ongoing loss of species, with the extinction of numerous birds and their…

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The Change Leaders Esmeralda Hemels video still

Esmeralda Hemels: “Developing Leadership Teams – Where the Magic Happens”

Summary: For Leadership Teams that want to thrive in today’s complex world, team members’ intention should be to…

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The Change Leaders Dennis Vergne Video Still

Dennis Vergne: “Stop Trying to get Buy-in”

Summary: Get more work done by reducing consultation and increasing participation in decisions

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The Change Leaders Oxford SPREAD Talks video still

Oxford SPREAD Talks 2014: Storytelling Change

Thea Hazel Stals – Developing healthy financial behaviours in young people Many young people have difficulties managing…

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The Change Leaders Lisa Francis Jennings video still

Lisa Francis-Jennings: “The Subtle Perspectives of Resistance”

Summary: How many Organizational Change Projects fail because the project team does not connect with, or understand…

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