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Last September at Oxford we focused on the environment and climate action. For our April conference in Paris we turn to organizational climate and “inclusion.” To paraphrase Verna Meyers, if diversity is being invited to the party, then inclusion is being asked to dance. So, for diversity to flourish, it needs a little push–a little umph. That “umph” or spark is inclusion. Join us as we explore new ways to elevate performance, drive engagement, and solve complex social problems more creatively and more inclusively.

And as always, the conference is also a time to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and join in as we explore topics that matter. Come explore with us. We are inviting you to dance.

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We do apologize for the rising prices this year. As always, we charge only enough to cover expenses, which are on the up and up across the globe, unfortunately.

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This year’s theme is inclusion–what it means, how to instill it, and why it’s beneficial to our teams, our companies, our communities, and even our planet. There’s a lot to explore. Come join us!

Speakers & Facilitators

Please refer to the Programme Book for the lineup. We are excited! Hope you are, too!

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Come ready to connect, challenge and co-create together.

2023 Schedule of Events

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