the Change Leaders (tCL) offers its growing community opportunities for continued learning and development through its Conferences and Webinars. tCL organises interactive and/or informative webinars several times a year as a continuous learning experience in between tCL conferences. These tCL Webinars are made to build a collective awareness on disruptions and changes in business, academic and social environments, and engage into challenging discussions on how tCL can make an impact. Webinars are mostly delivered by members of the tCL community and topics are chosen in line with tCL conferences. Webinars are open to registered tCL members.

Should you have any questions regarding webinars, please contact

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tCL webinars are part of our community of practice events, aimed at knowledge sharing between practitioners and acknowledged global experts.

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tCL webinars will enact an interactive approach, with a ‘keynote’ positioning introduction and then interactions and questions from the attendees such that the topic can unfold.

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tCL webinars aim to leverage the wider community to provide insights and expertise in key and topical subject areas. These areas can be in the domains of either theory of practice and are aimed at helping the wider community meet real needs and challenges.

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If you have any suggestions for future topics, please use the Webinar Suggestions form.

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