tCL Oxford 2019 Conference Presentations

Leadership and organisation beyond the third cognitive revolution

Graeme Findlay

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Work, life, and what else is possible: An Intimate Encounter with Professor Zeldin

Professor Theodore Zeldin

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What's the future for meaningful work?

Professor Katie Bailey

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Self-managing organisations – why the shift is about more than just new structures

Mary Curran & Lisa Gill

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Do try this at work: Experiments to Try in the Office

Mike Dunn & Mark Eddleston

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tCL Paris 2019 Conference Presentations

Day 1
Mathis Schulte & Marc ThompsonZaid Hassan
The Laborisation of ChangeHow-To-Make-Sure-Your-Innovation-Strategy-Doesn’t-Suck.pdf
Day 2
Andreas LambropoulosNadim MattaKary BheemaiahHadeel ABDO,Maha ABOU SAMRA, Lisabeth Radstoga & Lars Thuesen
Innovation in A Changing Environment: in large companies100-Day ChallengesDesigning for Emergence through Pragmatic ImaginationDriving-Innovation-Beyond-the-Space
Day 3
Roberto Saco
World Cafe
World Cafe discussion notes