I am delighted to share that our book is now available. Walter and I, CCC graduates from different cohorts, combine two different perspectives on change – how to change yourself and how to change an organization – as it is our firm belief that a key factor in performing change better is leading it better. Further, we think leading change better, in yourself and your organization begins with a conscious choice.

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

– Albert Einstein

As the title says, the book is all about Choosing Change. Both authors are passionate about helping others to improve their ability to change. This book is about equipping you to be more successful in leading change in yourself and in your organization.

With data and stories gathered from more than sixty interviews, the book offers a proven new model for not just facing inevitable change but leveraging it as a tool for long-term success. The first step is personal: You must decide that you are going to change in your self; only then can you lead change in others.

Organized into two thematic sections, Choosing Change takes you step-by-step through the authors’ dynamic model for leading any company to success. Part I, written by Susan, explains how to apply the newest research findings in psychology, neuroscience, and executive development to implement change in yourself. Part II, written by Walt, focuses on organizational theory, neuroscience, management, and organizational learning, showing you how to integrate change into your organizational DNA. Each section makes the process easy to understand by breaking it down into the Five Ds:

  • Disruption: Involving an experience or event that creates an awareness of the need for change
  • Desire: Committing to goals and deciding upon the change necessary to meet them
  • Discipline: Consistently taking steps that build the momentum required for sustainable change
  • Determination: Developing the resilience to focus and deliver even when faced with setbacks
  • Development: Establishing a system for continuous improvement, feedback, and ongoing learning

If you want to survive and flourish in today’s business world, you must be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances. Sudden changes in markets, society, and the economy have ruined industry- leading companies overnight—because they weren’t change-focused.

Don’t be one of them. Lead yourself and your organization to the top—and stay there—by Choosing Change.


  • Cutting-edge thinking from the field of neuroscience, psychology and executive development
  • By two renowned practitioners in the field of change
  • Based on interviews with 60 global executives

Available now on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

“An outstanding contribution to the literature on leadership and change. In fact, their focus on both is unique. I recommend Choosing Change highly.”

Michael Watkins, international bestselling author of The First 90 Days, cofounder of Genesis Advisers, Professor IMD Business school

“Change. Or be changed. This amazing book takes a deep dive into helping leaders create new possibilities — for themselves and for their entire organization.”

Patrick Sweeney, President of Caliper and coauthor of the New York Times bestseller Succeed on Your Own Terms

“There were good books about personal change and good books about organizational change. Choosing Change is a great book linking the two domains and giving you the tools you need to succeed on both fronts.”

Jean Francois Manzoni, Shell Chaired Professor of human Resources and Organisational Development and Professor of Management Practice, INSEAD, author of the award-winning The Set-Up to Fail Syndrome TM

“Goldsworthy and McFarland change the game around change. Explaining not just why its hard, but outlining a whole new approach to change, resting on both science and real cases. Congratulations on a great book.”   

David Rock, Director, NeuroLeadership Institute, Author Your Brain at Work

“The most essential talent for successful leaders will be having the capacity for conscious evolution — changing themselves and their organizations for the better. Susan and Walt introduce a fascinating multidisciplinary approach for developing this capacity. If you aspire to be part of the solution, this book can help, big time!”

Richard Olivier, Artistic Director, Olivier Mythodrama, author of Inspirational Leadership 


About the Author: Susan Goldsworthy

Susan Goldsworthy is CEO of Goldswolf & Associates, a company specialising in leadership development, executive coaching and change communications. A former Olympic finalist, Susan combines experience from the fields of sports, business and neuroscience. She is passionate about helping people turn knowledge into behaviour. Susan is co-author of Choosing Change, with Walter McFarland, published 2013 by McGraw Hill, and co-author of award-winning Care to Dare, Unleashing astonishing potential through Secure Base Leadership, published in 2012 by Wiley, in the Warren Bennis Series. She is also a contributing author to New Eyes, 2013, published by The Change Leaders. Along with her CCC MSc, an Executive Masters in the Neuroscience of Leadership, and other academic qualifications, Susan has more than twenty years management experience in large multinationals, and works as an executive coach at a number of international business schools.