Due to the escalating COVID-19 risk, we regret to inform you that the tCL Paris 2020 Conference has been cancelled.

Registration fees will be refunded or rolled over to the next planned tCL Conference in Oxford 25-27 Sep 2020. The process will be shared by email to all registered participants.

For any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact: [email protected]

We thank all our speakers and participants for their great engagement, we hope that you all stay well and safe and we look forward to having you with us in our next event.

Registration is now closed.

Nurturing the Art of Change

A new decade is upon us with organisations, communities, and populations facing social, environmental and economic complexities. We each live in our local version of a VUCA environment surrounded by crises on a global scale. In this world, the rational paradigms, the linear approaches, the conventional methods are both limited and limiting. They offer a black and white lens to multicolored truths dismissing that the world of business and change is also founded on feelings, narratives, motivations, ambitions, dreams and passions.

It is high time for us to allow holistic and inclusive approaches to impact our shifting realities. We therefore turn to the heart of the human experience; to the arts and to the artists within, as a means for exploring new ways for “seeing more and seeing differently”. In this conference, we critically and reflectively take on the integrative lens of art for value to emerge.

Our conference will be an atelier to engage our senses, feelings and thoughts in such a way as to experience, understand and communicate the world differently. It offers a space where the two begrudging bedfellows: the rational and the emotional, turn to acknowledge each other.

Together with our guest speakers who come from the inter-world of academia, practice and the arts; we will cultivate the answers to these questions and several more:

  • Is art a paradigm, a process or a tool for change?
  • What do the ‘artistic lens’, ‘the artistic process’, ‘the artists’ experience’ and the ‘artistic brain’’ offer in understanding and changing organisations and societies?
  • Is there a space for a new world where art, business and change come together?
  • How will this affect the practices of leadership and change agency?
  • What are the enabling conditions for this shift to take place?
  • What are the capacities to be built and the new habits to acquire?
  • As a change agent, how can I nurture the ‘art of change’ within me?

In the face of the chaos that looms; having tried and tested, failed and succeeded at the linear and at the rational; let us now come together to nurture the art of change, and see what from it grows…

Our Conference will run from Friday the 27th of March at 9:00AM to Sunday the 29th of March at 12:30PM. As always, a networking event will be included in the programme, details will be announced shortly.

How to Get There

The conference will be held at the HEC Alumni premises in the beautiful Hotel Le Marois, Paris VIII:

HEC Alumni, 9 avenue Franklin D Roosevelt, 75008 Paris

Once at this address, a pathway will lead to the Hotel Particulier, where you can take the lift to the 4th floor. Please ring the doorbell to open the door.

Accessibility: please contact us to check wheelchair accessibility.


  • Franklin D Roosevelt (lines 1 and 9) or
  • Champs-Elysées Clémenceau (lines 1 and 13) or
  • Invalides (lines 8, 13 and RER C)

Where to Stay

To enjoy the city, we recommend you stay at a walking distance on the right bank in the 8th or 1st arrondissement, or across the river on the left bank in the 7th arrondissement.

Weather in Paris

Spring temperatures in Paris are variable and we can expect anything from 5°C to 12°C. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a warmer welcome!

Watch this space for the full programme, including the sessions synopses and suggested readings.