2022 Spring in Paris: Regenerate

Join us next month in Paris! We know this is short notice, but if you can make it, we will pull out all the stops and make this spring a regenerative experience. 

Reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and join in as we explore regenerative practices. So much of organisational life is about extracting and exploiting  “what works” that we often forget or overlook the need to explore ways to regenerate personal resources like energy, intuition, and wisdom. This collective blind spot can and does have serious implications for a sustainable future.

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It’s been said that we humans lack a nuanced understanding of the relationships between ourselves and the wider world. For example, take the relationship between global warming, zoonotic disease transmission, and deforestation. As the earth heats up, the population of mid-size mammals is decreasing while the population of smaller mammals–often the food source of the midsize mammals–is burgeoning. And it is those smaller mammals that tend to carry more diseases. As we humans encroach on nature, then, looking for ever more space and natural resources, we are increasingly coming into contact with these disease-causing mammals, like bats, thus increasing the chances of zoonotic disease transmission and yet another pandemic. In the last 2 decades we’ve not only experienced the hottest temperatures in recorded history and some of the most powerful storms and forest fires, but we have experienced near-pandemics with SARS, MERS, H1N1, and now a full-blown pandemic with COVID-19. What was formerly a once-in-a-century event is now commonplace. Indeed, some scientists predict that we have a 47-57% chance of experiencing another COVID-like pandemic in the next 25 years.

The path we are on is not sustainable. Moreover, as complex systems go, this pattern is playing out at the organisational and personal levels as well. What’s to be done about it? That is what we hope to tackle in this spring’s conference: simple regenerative practices that we can then tie to our communities and organisations. Join us!

Speakers & Facilitators

Our tCL members never fail to step up, whether presenting their own work or connecting the community to practitioners around the world!

For Spring 2022, joining us will be Leen Gorissen and Sara Biglieri.

Stay tuned!

Come ready to connect, challenge and co-create together.