Thea Hazel Stals – Developing healthy financial behaviours in young people
Many young people have difficulties managing their money. In this talk Thea presents four different types of young people. She explains how her agency uses co-creation to reach young people to develop workshops and online tools to improve youth financial behaviour.

Mark Clark – “Camp K. When A to Z doesn’t work. Systems thinking for adaptive change”
Sometimes a linear “A to Z” plan doesn’t work. Clark explains the non-linear, adaptive approach required in complex social systems, whether large organisations or the world’s largest refugee camps. He highlights using multiple frames, using dialogue to transcend polarized debate and compromise, and re-expanding situations of collapsed complexity to generate more options for action.

Lars Theusen – Co–creating solutions in our welfare societies

Lars talks about how we co–create solutions to wicked social problems in our welfare societies. His talk illustrates how it is possible through inquiry processes where we look for behaviors that already work – the “what” and the “how” – to solve and disseminate sustainable solutions to some of our most pressing problems.

Tom Miller – Transforming the city of Dallas, Texas with inclusion
A Dallas real estate developer is transforming a portion of The City of Dallas using a very human approach to change. Historic populations are being offered a place in a community in transition as opposed to being forced out of homes, business and neighborhoods. By focusing on community, character and choice, human needs are being met while economic goals are also accomplished.

Mike Staresinic – “Get Vision Back”
How to “get vision back” in a world that seems to have lost its compass?
Mike outlines twelve essential tips on forming an inclusive vision, especially for those change agents working on vision in the EU and US. Generated by an unprecedented look inside the flawed outcomes of seminal nonviolent protests.

Martin Thomas – “How much represents enough?”
How does ABC’s new CEO set about balancing environmental, social and economic impacts in ways that make meaning? The MultiCapital Scorecard engages stakeholders to answer “how much represents enough?”  Financials and non-financials set standards for sustainable performance in local and global contexts. Common principles and practices allow meaningful consolidation.