This webinar will be hosted by Mike Staresinic, a Consulting and Coaching For Change alumnus.

The Speaker

Mike Staresinic has 25 years’ helping civic and political movements organize to catalyze participation and change in more than 40 countries in crisis, conflict, and transition, specialized in democracy and governance, civil society development, civic participation

Mike has held leadership roles in two Washington international affairs organizations, and served the boards of eight nonprofits.Mike’s City50 Project helps cities imagine their futures and create them. What kind of international trading city built for people do you want to live in, in 2050? So far, Kharkiv, Mariupol, and Severodonetsk have engaged the City50 Project to learn from Pittsburgh’s transformation as the USA’s Comeback City from heavy industry to a modern economy in a thriving city, among 20 cities across the globe.

The change agent is willing to look at things from new angles and with new eyes. Panorama offers a fresh look at familiar topics. Armstrong Cork was the world’s largest cork company, the above building is now one of more than 65 historic industrial sites transformed to modern use. 


Learning objectives : By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to :-

1. Identify city transformations as a specific type of complex adaptive living system transformation

2. Gain facility with tools and methods that can be developed to understand complexity and interdependence in city systems

3. Understand new dimensions of transformation in the city of your interest


The Session

Change in Cities…A Case of Change in Systems“Nathan Coleman was paralyzed from the neck down in a car accident at age 18. In Pittsburgh, tens of thousands of patients are informed when medical research relevant to them is underway. Nathan signed up for research that now has his brain controlling a robotic arm. In November 2018, the New Yorker Robotic Arm Controlled by the Mind reveals the catalytic power of collaboration underway in cities across sectors in medical, education, and technology research.

Our tCL colleague Mike Staresinic has worked with organizations, coalitions, in over 60 cities and 40 countries. In his work he has encountered interesting and courageous people and daunting challenges. He will share his experience and reflections of using CANVAS tools in his work with cities’ transformation, in the City50 Project he founded.

What kind of internationally connected trading city for people do you want to live in, in 2050? Mike asks this question in different permutations to thousands of people to help build a shared vision of the future. Using Pittsburgh as a case study of transformation from a heavy industry, heavily-polluted city to a modern mixed economy with a high quality of life, Mike will share tools he developed and uses to help cities reimagine their futures and create change to do so:

  1. Paired Dimensions: Catalyze Thinking in Complexity
  2. Cities for People: Civic Participation Drives the Quality of Transformation
  3. The Globe Theater: A Map of the City’s International Connections
  4. Engage the System Through the Organization – Organizational Development
  5. Visual Literacy – Develop Personal Vision as a skill

Mike will bring illustrative experiences from his current work connecting cities in Ukraine and Pittsburgh, notably a project to map city-to-city relationships.