This Fall, tCL eXperience will spotlight the diverse practices of seasoned tCL professionals!

Hear firsthand about change interventions in client situations, or dive into an emerging approach that is being explored and piloted. Discover the inside-out perspectives, struggles, jubilations and methods of your peers, and go away with invaluable consulting and coaching insights you’ll get nowhere else.

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The Mosaic of Practice In Client Realities

From managers and leaders to coaches and consultants of societies’ complex systems, The Mosaic of Practice will feature the “practice secrets” of our seasoned change professionals in their client realities.

Three key themes have surfaced from the work they have chosen to expose, as they constantly adapt their craft to tackle the many socially-charged challenges of our time. Approaching it from different client entry points, we can expect diverse insights on:

How to turbo-charge a new kind of leadership that pivots towards sustainability?
Discover the EU pilot of a new framework with New Angles, or form your own conclusions from an ex-Navy SEAL’s take on leadership that contribute to high-performing teams in complex operations.

How to get the best out of human relationships and connections to sustain collaboration that emerges with the right answers to change?
Unpack and explore the difference between coaching a board in dissonance and orchestrating governing conditions needed to scale and nurture non-hierarchical and non-instituted multi-player collaboration.

How to make change management an impetus for bringing people and planet to the forefront of the growth equation? 
Dive into part workshop, part experiment through an Asian lens and a South African case of COVID-induced WFH (work from home) turbulence, and get inspired.

Highly interactive, in the way tCLers do their best sharing and learning, our speakers will unravel unique observations and methods by way of reflective facilitation and experiential dialogue. In return, they invite your intellectual curiosity, collaborative input and professional feedback in the spirit of connecting, creating and challenging our intervention points to shape positive systemic change.

Speakers & Facilitators

Our tCL members never fail to step up! Our illustrious speakers are seasoned professionals in organizational change and leadership who represent or work with private sector businesses of all sizes, government bodies, non-profit agencies, multilateral institutions and global consortiums.

We are honored to be able to showcase the craft and work of:

Week-Long Program

The Fall e-Xperience will be delivered 100% remotely. All sessions will be highly participative and interactive. In view of our global community the e-Xperience will also accommodate as many time zones as possible.

We will record sessions, as and when permitted, and make them available for registered participants and tCL members.
Come ready to connect, challenge and co-create together.

DateTime (CET) / duration'Session ThemeSpeaker(s)
Mon, 11 Oct
5 – 7pm / 120’Opening: tCL Resilience & Continuity Into The Future with tCL’s “Practice LabBoard Chair: Rick Torseth, Human Securities, USA
Eileen Lee Lavergne, Ellagora, France
Tue, 12 Oct
1:30 – 2:30pm / 60’Sustainable Leadership with New Angles: An EU PilotJacob Mayne,
New Angles, France
Tue, 12 Oct
6 – 7pm / 60’ Shared Leadership in High-Performing Teams: A SEAL PerspectiveDavid Cooper,
Verge, USA
Wed, 13 Oct1:30 – 2:30pm / 60’Greensight: What's On The LineJoanne Flinn,
Unicorning, Singapore
Wed, 13 Oct6 – 7pm / 60’Non-Hierarchical Cooperation: Lessons from a Port Labor CaseDirk De Proost,
European Partner, Belgium
Thu,14 Oct 1:30 – 2:30pm / 60’The Role of Change Management in Employee Mental HealthCorne Els,
Phambili IT, South Africa
Thu, 14 Oct 6 – 7pm / 60’Creating Waves for A Mosaic of Social ChangeLife is H20
Fri, 15 Oct1:30 – 2:30pm / 60’Early Strategies Coaching of A Board in Dissonance Cecile Demailly,
Early Strategies, France
Fri, 15 Oct4:00 – 5:00pm / 60’Guiding Meta-Organizational Decision-Making in Complex Future StakesDr Gail Carson, GloPID-R
Dr Rafael Ramirez, Oxford Said Business School
Fri, 15 Oct5:00 – 6:30pm / 90’Into the Future: Continuing tCL’s “Practice Lab”Rick Torseth
Eileen Lee Lavergne

Download the tCL eXperience program ebook for the full agenda, topic synopsis and speaker details.

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