Sara Biglieri

Sara Biglieri is a Ph.D. Candidate at ESCP Paris and an embodiement coach. She was a former professional contemporary dancer, and founded a food start-up after a career as a manager in various industries. She has a Master’s in Innovation and Transformation from CentraleSupelec in France. Her research interests are centered on the place of the body in organizations and entrepreneurship, creative and embodied leadership. She created a transformative practice for organizations inspired by dance teachings called the “Embodied now.”

Leen Gorissen

Leen Gorissen, Ph.D. in Biology, is specialized in ecology, transition science, regenerative development and bio-inspired innovation. She is the author of the recent book ‘Building the Future of Innovation on millions of years of Natural Intelligence’ and the founder of Centre4NI, a catalyst that helps organizations and businesses to innovate like nature. She is a frequently asked evaluator of innovation projects by the European Commission, a thought leader on innovation-beyond-the-usual, a strategist and business innovation process facilitator. She has worked for a broad range of clients and organized bio-inspired innovation sessions in cities across the world. From 2009-2017, Leen worked as a Transition Research Coordinator at the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO Belgium)