Rick Torseth


Rick began his work as a consultant in 1982, advising organizations on the design and implementation of their retirement plans. While he enjoyed parts of the work, he felt he was too far removed from the people doing the work in these enterprises.

In 1991, he joined up with SportsMind, a Seattle based consulting company. There, he found a home inside the work they did with their clients. He developed teams, coached individuals, and facilitated change projects. A year on, he decided to take on small projects on his own–he had some nascent ideas on how to coach and develop leaders and he wanted to see if his ideas had merit and value in the marketplace. It was then, in 1992, that he started his consultancy, Human Securities, Inc. In 2007, he effectively refreshed his consulting philosophy and approach after completing his Master’s at the University of Oxford and HEC Paris. His thesis, Adapting Adaptive Leadership, changed the focus of his work and the clients he sought to help, as well as expanded his network of consulting partners. Today, Rick works with organizations in the global health and development sector, health care, and commercial enterprises. He also spends significant time developing leaders in the UK local government and social services sector, as well as working with NGOs in the Middle East. The focus of his work is helping leaders develop the necessary capacities to lead in a complex world full of wicked problems.

As tCL’s Chairman, Rick not only ensures the smooth management of what is an incredibly diverse network of change leaders spread across the globe, but he also manages tCL’s strategic relationships with HEC Paris and Oxford, their wonderful staffs and their committed alumni organizations.

To discuss ideas and suggestions with Rick, please contact him at [email protected].