Join us next month in Oxford! The earth is heating up, and we’ve had enough! Let’s discuss ways that we can arrest the trajectory of climate change. And then let’s take those methods home and create positive change right in our own neighborhoods and communities. 

As always, this is also a time to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and join in as we explore “climate practice”–changing the climate for the better. Encouraging others to embrace climate change is only half the battle; it’s time to start acting. Hence, the theme of this fall’s conference: Enough! The climate is changing; we have to as well. And as with any complex system, small changes (in our own lives) can have an outsized impact. Come explore them with us!

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This year’s theme is climate change–not what it is or why it’s happening, but what each and every one of us can do about it. We know this: all change is local, and small changes can have significant impacts. Let’s put those truisms of “change” to the test. What small acts can we initiate in our own communities that might spark a local movement in the right direction? There’s a lot to explore. Come join us!

Speakers & Facilitators

Our tCL members never fail to step up, whether presenting their own work, or connecting the community to practitioners around the world. Joining us for fall 2022 will be Anne-Fleur Goll from Deloitte, as well as our very own Jacob Mayne and Emmanuelle Berenge.

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Come ready to connect, challenge and co-create together.